Wednesday, April 15, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Her Seafaring Scoundrel (The Crawfords Book 3) by Sophie Barnes *

 The last thing she wants is a husband…
Least of all one determined to win her heart…

Lady Cassandra has no desire to marry. But when Captain Devlin Crawford brings scandal to her doorstep and offers salvation, she cannot say no. Not with her daughter’s future at stake. So she decides to accept Devlin’s offer, provided he agrees to never being intimate with her. For although Cassandra is drawn to Devlin, she refuses to dishonor the memory of her one true love.

Devlin knows he’s made a mess, but now that it’s done, marrying Cassandra doesn’t seem like the worst idea in the world. Far from it, though it will take serious effort on his part to convince her of this. Especially since she’s never stopped mourning the man she was meant to marry over a decade ago. So once they set off on a grand ocean voyage, Devlin embarks on his greatest adventure yet – the wooing of his wife.  AMAZON LINK
       3.5. STARS

I really had mixed feelings on this one. On the upside I liked both Devlin and Cassandra and even Cassandra's daughter Penelope.  There were times though that I thought that Penelope (Penny) just might have been a bit more grown up than the other two. 
There was more than one time when I just wanted to shake Cassandra until her teeth rattled.   Yes, I know that she lost so much at such a young age and that Timothy was a friend of longstanding before he became her future husband.   But over a decade of faithfulness to a dead lover??  I did like though that she didn't bend to the will of her family and society when it came to living her life their way.  It was something that Devlin had in common with her.

Devlin's father was so controlling and tried to force Devlin and his brother's into the life that  he thought was worthy and acceptable. His father's attitude was my way or the highway.  Devlin chose the highway of the sea which he absolutely loved.  I really liked Devlin and his quirky, humorous approach to life.  But he is also a responsible person as well especially when it came to being the captain of his ship. 
One thing I did think was that the distance that Cassandra put between Devlin and herself went on a bit too long. Although the challenges they faced was well shown, it just seemed to slow the story down for me.  
I did enjoy how Devlin and Penelope interacted and the affection that he had for her.  He accepted her 100%.   Another relationship that added depth to the story was his best friend and shipmate,  Montgomery (Monty) Quinn. And Cassandra had some loyal friends of her own. 
There is an unexpected twist in the story that adds more drama but the story does come to a good end.  A H.E.A. and a good Epilogue.  So all and all it gets a 3.5 star rating when it opens for review on Amazon.

 "I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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