Sunday, April 26, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Country Star's Bodyguard: Fame and Romance by Marian Wilson & Ruby Hill *

Fiona is a superstar who doesn’t know she needs to be rescued. Rocco is a bodyguard who won’t give up until she’s safe.

Country superstar, Fiona Walsh, sings about heartache and loss to her fans pleasure, but unbeknownst to them, she’s lived every word. She has done a wonderful job of hiding a past relationship and the pain behind it from the world, including those closest to her. But when her new bodyguard, Rocco De Luca enters the picture, the walls she has built up threaten to crumble around her.

Rocco sees a different side of Fiona than the world sees. He knows the weight of responsibility on her shoulders, and he wants to secure more than just her safety. But Fiona, is not interested in anything Rocco has to offer, including his protection.

When Rocco saves her from imminent danger, Fiona is at risk of losing her home, her life, and even her heart. Determined to shield herself from further heartache when she realizes she’s falling for him, Fiona goes on the run. But Rocco won’t give up until she’s secure in the safety of his arms and heart.
                     3 STARS

Although this book had potential and many good descriptive details, it just didn't pull me in like I had hoped. 
It just felt like it was missing something.  Like I just didn't feel the depth to the story.  I wasn't even feeling the attraction or the romance between the two main characters.   
It does have a H.E.A. and Epilogue though and an attractive eBook cover.  

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