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BOOK REVIEW- Full Circle (Willow Bend Romances Book 1) by Mona Ingram*

Full Circle (Willow Bend Romances Book 1) by [Mona Ingram]
 New Cover April 2019
Single and pregnant, Bella is given a choice. Give up her child for adoption or leave town.
The choice was never in doubt. Bella moves across the country, settling in Santa Monica. Determined to make a life for herself and her child, she and her new friend Sophia sell children’s clothing at the Venice Beach market. When their creative designs are featured on television, their business takes off and they accept an offer from Rafael Vargas to expand their business. Bella fights her attraction to the handsome entrepreneur, but deep in her heart all she really wants is love.  AMAZON LINK
      4 STARS

I enjoyed this book even though it was a bit light on the romance part when it comes to Bella's life in the present.   
 I did like the fact that it was pretty easy to see what Bella hadn't yet.  Well to be honest, it takes her years because she is "all business".  And she is also all about her daughter, Melissa too.  Rafael was one sharp businessman who you could tell that he wanted Bella for more than just friendship.  But he did have her back as a businessman then partner and friend for many years.  I have to admit I really liked the way he was portrayed. 
 Even when Bella does acknowledge her attraction to him she doesn't think she can act on it.  It could endanger everything that she and her other friends have worked so hard for.  Bella is a go-getter when it comes to business .  She knows what she wants and goes after it.  In everything except her personal life that is. She's really left no room for romance. 

Speaking of friends, she develops some solid ones along the way.  These friends do add a lot to the story.  Sofia and Bella develop so well as friends and then business partners.  Carla is a childhood friend who is such a support as they re-enter each other's lives again. 
There is a "oh no"moment when Melissa meets Todd and they click.  There is surprise waiting though that makes this twist come out right. 
The H.E.A. was a good one when Bella and Rafael come together in the end.  
This is the original cover which I really liked too: 
 Full Circle

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