Friday, February 10, 2017

BOOK REVIEW- LETHAL JUSTICE by Fern Michaels 6th Book Sisterhood)

Lethal Justice (Sisterhood Book 6) by [Michaels, Fern]
The women of the Sisterhood are fun, smart, sassy, and determined to get their way every time. But most of all, they are the best friends a woman wants by her side in good times and bad. Meeting once again in Myra Rutledge's beautiful Virginia home, they're ready to face a new challenge and right a vicious wrong. . .
Alexis Thorn, once a successful securities broker, spent a hellish year behind bars for a crime she never committed. Now she has her freedom, but she's left with haunting memories of being hauled from her office in handcuffs. . .of the cell door clanging shut behind her. . .of her pleas going unheard. Meanwhile the real criminals--her former employers, Roland Sullivan and his lover Arden Gillespie--continue to make millions by conning the innocent, especially preying on the elderly and taking their life savings. Alexis dreams of getting even. The legal system failed her, but the Sisterhood won't. They have a delicious plan that can give Sullivan and Gillespie a taste of their own bitter medicine. . .AMAZON 4 STARS

I liked this one as well, although the pace of it seemed a little different.  Several outside problems were dealt with as well and a new "player" added to the Sisterhood. Also a love interest for Yoko is in the works in this story. At times I almost felt sorry for Roland Sullivan and almost half wished that they would go easier on him.  The reason was that he did seem to be truly sorry for his part in what happened to Sara/Alexis.  He was pulled into a lot of evil by the seductive selfish Arden Gillespie but he kept going back to her for more when he had more than one opportunity to get out of it all.  He had a faithful woman at home and children who barely knew him.  He was often homesick for them but when ever Arden crooked her finger at him for sex, he quickly forgot them.  So, yes he made a LOT of wrong choices.   And the revenge Alexis gets, will be creative, painful and last awhile.  Of course, this book had the expected surprises, twists and turns and near misses.

I think one of the things I liked about these books is that its not anything that I would ever do, but it is interesting to read about.  It's about the main people of the Sisterhood too for me.

The next book, "Crash and Burn" looks to be another really good one too.  There is a quick look into it at the end of this book. 

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