Monday, February 13, 2017

BOOK REVIEW- FREE FALL by Fern Michaels Book 7 Sisterhood Series

Sooner Or Later, The Sisterhood Always Gets Their Man. . .

The loyal friends who make up the Sisterhood have gathered at Myra Rutledge's beautiful Virginia home for the first time in a year, eager to talk, laugh, and share their joys and heartaches. For one of their number, it's an evening filled with anticipation. Because tonight, over delicious food and in the company of those she trusts most, it will finally be time to tell her story--and for the Sisterhood to help plan her revenge.
Yoko Akia's mother was only fifteen when a wealthy man swept her off her feet with promises of love. Instead, he filled her brief life with horror and misery. The Sisterhood has helped each other exact vengeance on rotten men before, but this time it's different. Their target is none other than America's favorite movie star--a brute who has conned the world into believing he's Mister Perfect. But he's about to learn that nobody--not even a powerful superstar--is above the Sisterhood's special brand of payback. . .AMAZON 4 STARS

Lots of action in this one. This mission is going to be tougher than anyone ever imagined.  And the crimes of those they were going after, were sicker than anything they have encountered before too.  Even tougher than nails Charles is beyond sickened by the information that comes across his desk.  And in his former profession he's seem some awful things.  There are plenty of twists and turns and near misses, to keep you on the edge of your seat. And those sneaky, nosy reporters are back, they still haven't learned their lesson.  Even after all the things that they have been through they still keep pressing their luck.  
This is also the book where as one character says, "the dark matter hits the fan."
Big Surprise towards the end of the book.   Although if you think about it, Charles has been preparing for some of it, if they ever needed it.  Still, what a way to get there. 
On a side note, the punishment that gets handed out by the Sisterhood is definitely under the heading of cruel and unusual.  They don't go as far as murder but they did come up with a permanent solution.  *wink, wink*  It did raise some questions in the practicality  of their solution. Punishment without killing.  But hey this is fiction right?.

I also thought it was interesting that another reviewer on Amazon brought out the point of how dismally the Gold Shields did in this book.  An Epic Fail. I hadn't thought about that.  But heck, yes! So much of their backup fell down on the job.  But I'm not worried because I see that the "ladies" are still in the game.  Kind of.  They aren't really done yet.

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