Monday, February 20, 2017

BOOK REVIEW- COLLATERAL DAMAGE by Fern Micahels #11 Sisterhood Books

Throughout the Sisterhood's adventures, the bond between the women has remained steadfast. But now for the first time, that bond verges on falling apart when the ladies must choose between two difficult assignments, in the 11th exciting Sisterhood novel by #1 "New York Times"-bestselling author Michaels. Original.    AMAZON  5 STARS

This series just keeps delivering. And this book did again.  I so enjoyed the cast of characters and we get to catch up on how some of the people from past stories are doing.  The "good guys" that is because the villains are pretty much living out their punishments. Plenty of twists, turns and surprises; just the way I like it.  It's also been fun to see some romances for a few of the Sisters developing. Nikki and Jack.  Harry and Yoko.  Kathryn and Bert. They catch time together any way that they can.  And unless I miss my guess Alexis might have just met her guy in this book.  Not sure how they are going to meet up again but I'm sure the author already has that worked out.  I hope.  The part of the story that has to do with the "Post" newspaper was a stroke of genius and the mastermind, Charles wasn't even the one to think of it.  I also liked getting to know more about the personal side of Lizzie Fox.  She was a hoot to watch when she was in full professional mode. 
Another winner. 

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