Saturday, February 25, 2017


A Family Affair by [Michaels, Fern]
In a city built on dreams, Trisha Holiday makes her living moving like one. But out of her dancer’s costume, she’s as down-to-earth as they come. That’s why she ignores the admiring note that arrives backstage after one of her ethereal performances. Yet the sender, a wealthy foreign prince, isn’t easily dissuaded. An American education has made Malik long for the freedom to choose his own bride—and the woman he wants is Trisha.

After a breathtaking visit to Malik’s kingdom culminates in a marriage proposal, Trish attempts to adjust to an opulent new lifestyle. In the midst of these dizzying changes, she vows to help her sister, Emma, whose marriage has ended in a bitter breakup. And through it all, she strives to stay true to what matters most—love, true friendship, and the ties that hold family together across the miles and the years—and embrace the everlasting dance of life. AMAZON  3.5 STARS    

I had mixed feelings about this one.  It started out good, kind of evened out after a while and had a surprising twist towards the end.  An emotional turn in the story.  The relationship between Malik and Trish was a good one and I did enjoy that.   Trish did find a way to serve up some justice on her sister's behalf that was priceless.  Well, maybe that's not exactly the right word because it did come with some dollar signs.  But it was also clever because previously her sister Emma wouldn't accept financial help even though she was living in poverty.  Trish had plenty of money to help but just needed to get creative in the way she did it.  And she did. Malik's best friend Rashid and his sister were a good addition.  And boy was his sister,  Soraya something else.  She was one heck of a handful.  

I think I read a earlier Kindle version  of this book (2014)

I've read quite a few of Fern Michaels books lately and I am seeing something that seems to show up in a lot of her books.  Maybe its a signature act of hers.  At least one or more person will get excited and a fist will suddenly be raised up high in the air.  I didn't have a problem with that, just found it interesting. 

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