Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Vanishing Act
It’s a hot, sunny afternoon on the mountain top, and the sisters are enjoying sitting around the pool chatting and laughing, frosty glasses of lemonade to keep them cool and relaxed. It’s a welcome hiatus after their last harrowing mission, and the only cloud over the happy occasion is that Charles, their mentor, is still mysteriously absent.
But amid the friendly bickering about who’s going to make dinner and what that might be, the Ladies of Pinewood receive some dreadful news: Harry Wong — Yoko’s true love and a staunch supporter of the Sisterhood — has become the victim of a ruthless identity theft ring. Harry’s bank accounts have been closed out, his beloved dojo is being foreclosed, and he’s being evicted. Distraught, Yoko is about to rush down the mountain to Harry’s aid when the Sisters intercept her. A situation like Harry’s requires finesse, careful planning, and the Sisterhood’s distinctive brand of vigilante justice…AMAZON 3.5 STARS

This one started out dramatic and with a surprise.  A good way to start the book.  It was good to re-visit all the gang again.  BUT.  Yes, there is a but in there, it feels a little flat at the same time.  Yes, there is action and yes they are up against a couple of really evil, clever thieves.  And their setup is a lot more complex and far-reaching than originally thought.  The punishment?  A little lack luster in my view.  Completed and all the loopholes being closed but where is the "Ta Da" moment? 
A little disappointed but holding on.
P.S.  Charles shows up in this book and the "girls" are still beyond angry with him..  What's gonna happen now?  Keep reading. 

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