Saturday, March 18, 2017


Marriage on Demand (Hometown Heartbreakers) by [Mallery, Susan] 
According to the Glenwood rumor mill, Austin Lucas is temptation incarnate. Even the bashful, cherubic Rebecca Chambers, who runs a home for orphaned children, finds herself tempted by Austin's sexy self-assurance. Still, with so many women vying for his attention, surely he'll never notice such a tongue-tied wallflower.
But, after a stormy evening becomes a night of passion, gentle Rebecca has indeed captured Austin's attention—and his desire. Has the small-town saint led the sinner to salvation? Or can Austin really be trusted with Rebecca's heart?   AMAZON  3.5 STARS

I liked the book but also felt that it times it went a little bit too long with it came to "Austin's Angst".  Austin was described very well as a very, very tempting man.  Also shown very well was how inept kindhearted Rebecca was around him.  Also the fact that he was a loner, always looking from the outside into the normal lives of others.  His mother had done an awesome (not in a good way) of making him afraid to feel deeply and let it show.  It caused him to push people way before they could reject him. It didn't take long for Austin to realize that sweet, caring Rebecca also had a core of steel.  That made me smile. 
 I  also enjoyed the little boy David who was in the home for orphaned children.  Nobody wanted him and that is something that Austin can identify with all too well.  
There will be a H.E.A. but it will be a fight to the end.  A happy one with a very sweet Epilogue to wrap up a few loose ends. 

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