Saturday, March 4, 2017


Evangeline Shaw is the key to the conspiracy that threatens Robert Cannon's company. Classified software developed by Cannon's group is being sold to a foreign government without his approval. It isn't just theft or a case of corporate espionage -- it's treason. And the trail leads straight to Shaw -- who by all accounts has both the means and the motives.Determined to handle his own investigation, Cannon tracks her to a small town in Alabama. But as he tries to untangle the knot that surrounds her, he finds himself questioning he's believed. The facts still seem pretty black-and-but his heart tells him she's no Mata Hari....AMAZON  3 STARS

Just okay.  Could have been better.  Although I liked it, it also caused mixed feelings too.  Robert was quite the manipulator; something I usually don't like.  And that part of his character showed up quite a few times in the story.  I will say that he was an unusual person and had an unusual way to keep people from knowing the real him.  He had a lot of people fooled.  Evie just wasn't one of them.  Evie had the scary (to him) ability to see and understand way more about him than anyone else ever had.   There was a fairly good story underneath it all but way too much when it came to the sex scenes.
I read this older version so I'm not sure how much was included in the new version.  Probably all of it and maybe more.  I did feel at times as though there were a lot of repetitions of several issues the people had.  Probably could have been dialed back a bit.

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