Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Alien Mine (The Pruxnae Series Book 3) by [Varna, Lucy] 
Single mom Rachel Hunter has not one second to spare in her day between rearing two daughters, running a thriving goat farm, and keeping tabs on her eccentric brother. Not to mention an ex-husband who's in prison for murder and a local gang leader harassing her at every turn! Then a gorgeous, tattooed man crashes into her fence and she finds out exactly what it means to have her hands full.

Pruxnae Dyuvad ab Mhij is sent to Earth by a mysterious Net telepath to protect a young girl, from what, the 'path doesn't say. He arrives at the girl's home expecting the worst, and is greeted by the young girl's mother, a honey-haired, plain spoken temptress whose mountain fortitude makes her a perfect candidate for the Choosing.AMAZON

I enjoyed this book.  Good main characters and secondary ones too.  Rachel's close as a sister friend, Yasmin and Rachel's brother,  Fate are two of those interesting people too.  They added to the story especially Fate.  Kelly and Tiny are Rachel's daughters who quickly touch Dyuvad's heart.  That surprises him, how deeply he gets snared by them and he is good with them too.  He was a big guy but the reader gets to see how tender-hearted he also was.  Tender, hard-working and protective.  Yes, he is on a mission to protect the littlest girl but its almost like that protective nature is a part of him too.  It was interesting to read that he never really felt like he fit anywhere but figured that one of the reasons he was picked for this mission was because of his having been raised with a farming background as well as a military one.  Yes, there are humorous moments as he tries to adjust to being on a foreign planet.   There is action as well because of the danger that surrounds Rachel and her family.  Rachel and Dyuvad, were good together and it was fun to watch their "friendship" develop. 

There is also a quick look into another book called, "A Warrior's Touch."  It has to do with Yasmin and her encounter with an alien (Dyuvad's brother). 

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