Thursday, March 2, 2017


Deadly Deals (Sisterhood Book 16) by [Michaels, Fern]
After years of trying to become pregnant without success, Rachel Dawson and her husband Thomas felt their dreams had finally come true the day they brought home their newly adopted twin babies. Though the lawyer Baron Bell who arranged for the surrogate mother charged a hefty six-figure fee, one glance into the eyes of their precious children told them it was all worth it. Until the birth mother reappeared, first demanding more money, then the twins themselves. Suddenly Baron Bell was nowhere to be found, and the Dawsons were once again childless, heartbroken and nearly destitute  .
When the case finds its way to the offices of high-profile attorney Lizzie Fox, she can't wait to take down the so-called "Mr. Wonderful." And she knows she'll have all the help she needs as it's just the kind of crime that really gets the Sisterhood's adrenalin flowing. Once they get their hands on the perpetrators there will be hell to pay, and it will cost a lot more than cold, hard cash. . .  AMAZON  4 STARS

I really liked this one better than the last one.  Good plot, the "gang" is all there again too.  Lots of twists, turns and things that can go wrong and do. Add in a wild shift in the weather, which hinder movement and communications and you see problems add up.  Although this could be a stand alone book,  I think its better for the reader to have read the earlier books and get connected with some of the characters.  The Vigilantes are also getting restless about the promised pardons from Madame President.  They helped get her where she is and its been 2 years without those pardons.  They told her the clock was ticking and she has been fighting against a lot of resistance within her administration about this idea and other things too.  

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