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Blindsided (Sisterhood Book 22) by [Michaels, Fern]
Ladies On Fire
Myra Rutledge isn't ready to mothball the Sisterhood just yet. When Maggie Spitzer, former editor-in-chief of the Post and an honorary member of the Sisterhood, arrives with a new mission in mind, the Vigilantes are soon gathering in their war room once more. While catching up on each other's lives, they plan a brilliant campaign against a duo of corrupt judges running a moneymaking racket that sends young offenders to brutal boot camps, often on trumped-up charges. Their enemies are powerful and ruthless, but the Sisterhood have their own formidable allies--including former President Martine Connor. Once their scheme takes off, the guilty won't know what hit them. . .AMAZON  4 STARS

I liked this one, the two twin "baddies" give everyone a run for their money.  The women judges are as clever as they are evil.  Plus they have been at this racket for years and were racking in money hand over fist.  Money, control, intimidation and manipulation mixed with a very unhealthy dose of fear has kept them at the top all this time.  No one had a clue until one chubby novice small town reporter smelled a rat. 

It was easy to see how the word Blindsided  was the title of the book.  In the very few first chapters it was easy to see that at  least 2 women of the sisterhood had that happen in their personal life.  Annie and Maggie took at hit where their men were concerned.  Maggie is now a widow and there is a whole story right there.  Fergus have left suddenly but he's not dead so I'm not sure if he will show back up in any of the other books or not.  Annie says no, but he's not dead so, we'll see if there will be a new man for her or if he will return.  
We do get re-visits from some of other Sisterhood second stringers but also a few new people too. One of the new people helps big time when the F.B.I. starts harassing retired Judge Pearl Barnes.  The director (Zander) has an agenda and it doesn't bode well for her at all.  The Team's take-down on the corrupt  FBI set- up is priceless.  Smooth. 

It didn't take me long to wonder what vengeance the sisterhood was going to unleash on the twin sister judges.  And that was pretty early in the story.  I was almost rubbing my hands together wondering what it would be.  Because they usually found a pretty fitting punishment. 

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