Thursday, March 23, 2017


Love, steam, laughs, and a big castle in Burgundy.

This year is about righting an old wrong.
It's also about proving my worth to Coach and helping my team win gold at the French Water Polo Championship.
With an unruly mutt for company and a part-time gig to pay rent, I'm one hundred percent focused on my objectives.
That is, until I catch an intruder poking around my kitchen.
Sophie Bander turns my world upside down.
My new landlord's daughter isn't just the hottest woman alive--she's the stuff of dreams, the object of my deepest, wildest fantasies. But no matter. Nothing--not even Sophie--can make me abandon my goals.
Except... I want her to distraction.
And that's the understatement of the century.

This year is about proving to Dad I can be a first-class realtor and a worthy associate.
That's why I'm in Paris, learning the ropes at a large agency. When I'm done, I'll go back to Key West, join the family business, and then marry the man of Dad's dreams.
I don't need to be attracted to the guy--I'm incapable of sexual attraction, anyway.
That is, until a hunk of a tenant mistakes me for a thief and presses me against the wall in his kitchen.
Noah Masson turns my life into a mess.
He makes me blush and laugh, and fantasize about him all the damn time. He awakens my body. And yet, not even dreamboat Noah can get me sidetracked from my goals.  
Or can he?

The way Noah and Sophie meet is just as cute as it promised to be in the book blurb.  Cute with touch of steam.  I thought that they were charming main characters.  Noah is rich but works hard.  He doesn't try for the free ride with his famous last name (which is incredibly long) or the fact that he has money.   Noah has a lot of bitterness towards his estranged brothers. The funny thing is that Noah and Sophie have more in common than they think. Even up to having at least one manipulating parent. But in their own ways, they are trying to prove themselves.  
Sophie is charming, hardworking and drawn to Noah although they both seem to be living in the River of Denial in some ways.  Sophie hasn't ever got all that involved with guys before, so this draw towards Noah is confusing her.  She has an erroneous idea about her sexuality, which I'm not going to share here but I will say it made me smile.  As did several other things in the story.  
There was a bit more French in the story as well as some foods and locations that I hadn't heard of before.  I guess I can look at that as a little bit of culture stretch and education for me.  
Overall, I found it to be a fun, quick read.

"I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book.” 

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