Thursday, March 16, 2017


  The Beautiful Thief (Stolen Hearts Book 2) by [Crowe, Mallory]
She was the one that got away. The one time Adam couldn't finish the job. The one time his conscious got the better of him. 

Now she's back and Adam has two options: Kill her or help her get the revenge she deserves.

No matter how convincing her arguments may be or how distracting he finds her, he was raised on one staunch principle that has kept him alive so far. Never trust a pretty face.  AMAZON 3.5 STARS

I liked this book but its probably not my favorite of the series.  I think that although this is not the first book in the series, it is still easy to follow along with.  A good stand alone book.  Why?  Because the author gave the story enough background information to get the reader up to speed without boring previous readers. The book starts out with Melody down.  She's depressed and barely moving but she also has plenty of good reasons to be in that funk.  But when her sister temporarily helps get up from that funk, and now Melody is on fire for revenge.  And she doesn't care who she has to work with to get it. So now she tracks down Adam Smith, the same man who was part of kidnapping her in the previous book.  He terrified her and then let her go with the warning to not come back.  At the time she dubbed him, "Blondie" because she had no name to go with.  Now they are working together..kind of.  There is attraction between them but not a whole lot of trust.

 Melody always longed for a normal life, away from her family's professional business. That business would be Professional con-artists and thieves.
Things get explosive in the end, a good way to end the book.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book and this is my honest opinion of it.

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