Sunday, March 12, 2017

BOOK REVIEW- Game Over #17(Sisterhood )

Game Over (Sisterhood Book 17) by [Michaels, Fern] 

The Sisterhood Believes In Promises Kept
With yet another successful assignment behind them, the ladies of the Sisterhood have enjoyed a relaxing break together and celebrated the wedding of Myra and Charles on Big Pine Mountain. But as soon as the newlyweds return from their shortened honeymoon, they are hit with some exciting yet unsettling news. . .
It seems their dear ally Lizzie Fox, recently ensconced as Chief White House Counsel, is rumored to be near the top of the short list for a soon to be vacated seat on the Supreme Court. While the Sisters are thrilled for Lizzie, they are concerned about her being ripped to shreds in the approval process, partly due to her connections with the Sisterhood. They also fear it will delay or even derail their long-awaited pardon promised to them by President Martine Connor. It will take a masterful plan, and loyal friends aiding them at every turn, for the Sisters to succeed in protecting Lizzie while securing their own freedom at last.   AMAZON   4.5 STARS

I enjoyed this one.  Plenty of great characters (our main crew) and the introduction of a few more interesting and needed people too.  The story kept me involved and made me wonder how all of this was going to work out.  It kept me on the edge of my seat many times as some secrets and "red herrings" are thrown out and cause problems as the story goes along.  It was good to see what Madame President has been up against.  She had her hands full just trying to get things done in office let alone getting pardons for the vigilantes.  And she needs to do something because the natives are getting restless, a promise is a promise.  We saw some things look hopeful for many of the relationships but I just have to ask.  What about Maggie? 

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