Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Kiss and Tell (Sisterhood Book 23) by [Michaels, Fern]
Putting Justice In The Bank

Life comes in stages. Even the Sisterhood has been content to let their gold shields gather a little dust while they enjoy their friends and family. But when a string of anonymous emails arrives at Pinewood, suggesting shady dealings at a local assisted-living facility, Myra Rutledge and her best friend Annie de Silva are more than ready to out-hustle a master con-artist at his own game. They'll need to enlist some new and untested allies in order to pull off their brilliant plan, all while Myra faces a personal challenge that will rock the Sisterhood to the core. . .AMAZON  4 STARS

I liked this one but with some reservations too. Interesting way to start, with the mysterious emails.  Kind of an eccentric way to wave a flag for help.  Myra and Annie have the lead roles on this thing.  And its good but I do miss the rest of the "girls" too.  Although the focus was on other people in the story at the start.  The con artist running his game had been at it for at least 20 years and had fooled a whole lot of people.  I liked his ex-wife Mary and she played a part of this story too.  She walked away years ago when she realized her husband's wealth was built on lies. She just disappeared and built a good life.  She had two regrets.  That she hadn't known how to turn him in and that she had to leave her son and daughter behind.  I did like what happened with her son though, because he did seem to have many redeeming qualities.  The secondary focus was also on the guys as they had some things in the works too.  Dennis West was the newbie who was working at the Post and now a part of the "guys".  He was introduced in the previous book and he did pretty good in both. He may be a newbie, but he does know how to latch onto a story and develop it to Pulitzer Prize level.    The only thing that was kind of hard to swallow was how easily he falls into his new "inheritance."    But hey, it is fiction, right?
Jack Emery looks like he finally found out where he wants to go in life now, since he has been dissatisfied in his job choice.  We aren't sure yet where this is leading, but time will tell. 
On a different note-  Charles gets whisked away again without warning. And I thought, "Oh no, not again, this is getting old."

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