Monday, March 6, 2017


Sheikh's Untamed Heart: An Alpha Billionaire Romance by [Knight, Kylie]
Sheikh Rohit Bahri’s biggest concern was finding the right lead trainer for his Arabian horses. He never expected than when Katrina Andrews showed up for her interview that he’d find someone who was not only up to the challenge of the horses, but could capture his heart and fascination so quickly.
Katrina was excited about the possibilities that the interview with Sheikh Bahri could bring her. If she was hired and successful, she’d be able to open up her own horse training academy, and her dreams would come true. When she arrived in Saudi Arabia and saw that the sheikh she was meeting was handsome and completely captivating, she became conflicted between her heart and her career.
With Rohit and Katrina’s strong-willed personalities, they both find themselves wondering if two worlds such as theirs can even unite into one. 
Can they overcome intense odds and Rohit’s scrutinizing family and build a life together where they celebrate their passion for horses, as well as their passion for each other?

The first story in the book, "Sheikh's Untamed Heart" was okay. I give it 3 STARS.  The main characters were nice but the story was also somewhat predictable.  No real surprises and it felt kind of shallow in some ways.  I was kind of disappointed.

And only one or two of the Bonus books were all that interesting either.  Pretty much predictable.

Bonus Book 1- "Loving my Bad Boy"  - This one I liked a bit better than the main story.  I liked the main people in the story and it did have a surprise or two in it.  Especially towards the end.  Shawna's life definitely got more exciting when she met the bad boy, Clark.  He definitely appreciated her more than her 5 year engaged to man, Ben.  And Ben is one who had something to do with one of those surprising twists.

Bonus Book 2- "Bachelor for Hire" - Okay
Violet, personal assistant to Kade Steele was funny, but not in the story long.  And the rest of the story while sweet was also pretty predictable.

Bonus Book 3- " Billionaire Biker"-  This one was pretty good.

Bonus #4-" Billionaire for Hire".- Just barely okay.

Bonus #5   "Score"-  Okay.This girl was a little harder to get and she wasn't playing.  She didn't like the guy as he appeared to be.  While he hid behind his persona, he wasn't all that likable.  Later that changes with her but still, the story was pretty predictable.

Bonus #6 '' Billionaire Cowboy's Bride"-  It's just okay. Everything thing moves along pretty quickly.

Bonus #7 "Russian Billionaire's Secret"- Okay.  The set up for this story was a little bit different although the story was somewhat predictable in other ways.

Bonus #8  " Bad Boy for Hire"- No, just No.  Shallow and kind of crude at times. I didn't like it at all.

Bonus #9 " Billionaire's Unexpected Crush"- Just okay,

Bonus #10- " Snowed in with a Billionaire"- It was okay.  It had a few sweet moments, with a nice lead in to the main characters interacting before they actually meet in person.

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