Wednesday, January 6, 2016


London's Lord Vampire Has Problems
Dr. John Polidori's tale "The Vampyre" burst upon the Regency scene along with Mary Shelley's Frankenstein after that notorious weekend spent writing ghost stories with Lord Byron. A vampire craze Broke out instantly in the haut ton.Now Ian Ashton, the Lord Vampire of London, has to attend tedious balls, linger in front of mirrors, and eat lots of garlic in an attempt to quell the gossip. If that weren't annoying enough, his neighbor, Angelica Winthrop, has literary aspirations of her own and is sneaking into his house at night just to see what she can find.Hungry, tired, and fed up, Ian is in no mood to humor his beautiful intruder...  AMAZON
I have some mixed feelings on this one, although for the most part I liked it.  Great MC's and a different slant of some problems that vampires can and do encounter.  Angelica was one spunky, out of the ordinary "mortal" and I liked her a lot. She really did express her originality well, much to the dismay of family and society.  Except there were a few times, I wondered if she was going to make it out alive when she did some incredibly naive and downright stupid things. That at times annoyed me.  I liked that Ian really did find her amusing and enjoyed her free style. They had some really amusing conversations both before and after their marriage.  They also had over the top misunderstandings too. Angel feared losing her freedom, especially after the fierce, tight control that her mother had tried to force her on her.   The other thing that was fierce was the passion between the MC's, that was the underlying blessing and problem.  Good secondary characters and several other stories (problems) going in the background.  I liked the ending and give it points for being creative.  

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