Thursday, January 14, 2016


Katie Lou Brennan is young, beautiful and engaged to the man of her dreams. Her wedding is only three weeks away, and she's so nervous and excited that it's nearly more than she can bear--until an accident throws her through the windshield of her fiance's car, leaving her in a coma and fighting for her very life.  
When she awakens, the world she knew is gone. She cannot make her legs obey her, so she can no longer walk, and some parts of her have little or no feeling. She's terrified of what the future will hold in a wheelchair, and then the next bombshell hits, when her fiance tells her that a crippled wife would not fit into his plans for a future political career. 
Heartbroken and distrusting, Katie Lou pours everything she has left into walking again, no matter what the doctors say, and her new Physical Therapist, Rob Christopher, is determined to help her do so--and more than a little bit taken by this tiny beauty with the lioness' heart!   AMAZON 3 Stars

I felt like this was just an okay read. It was clean and about overcoming but it also felt like it was for a younger market. I did like the closeness of Katie's family and their faith in God. Not only was Katie battling the effects of the accident and Darren dumping her but she was also battling mistrust against men and trying not to let bitterness overtake her.
Even though Katie makes progress, the story doesn't end in this book. There is a preview of the second book, "Clash of Hearts" at the end of this book.

I see that one reviewer on Amazon mentioned that they didn't like the Hilary Clinton comments in the book. While I respect that person's opinion, I have to say that it didn't bother me one bit. It just added a bit of realism to the story for me because those kind of comments are out there in the general population.

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