Tuesday, January 19, 2016

BOOK REVIEW- The Bride Tournament

 Who will win his hand in marriage...and his love? 
Lady Eleanor de la Tour’s life turns upside down on her wedding day. She's ordered to wed the new earl, to whom the king has given her betrothed's title and lands. Though Richard Courtenay is handsome and intriguing, she wants the man she loves and chose. And Richard pursues alchemy, anathema to her because the obsession to turn base metals into gold is destroying her father. 
Richard wants and needs to stay wed to Eleanor to uncover her father’s alchemy secrets. He vows to win her heart even as she arranges a bride tournament to find him a better and more willing wife. 
The happier he seems with the potential brides, the more Eleanor regrets her choices. Only when danger threatens will they discover the meaning of love and attain what they most desire.   AMAZON

An emotional story. An unusual story, which is what got my attention. Two strong main characters. Pride goes before a fall and both have the wrong idea about love. Richard refusing to be lulled into the danger of loving or even trusting a woman again. Hadn't he already been betrayed by more than one woman, starting with his own mother? And Eleanor was tired of having men rule over her, leaving her no control over her own life and who she could love and marry She wanted to marry who she chose, someone she loved. Arthur was that one for her. And on the day of her marriage, her grooms were switched. She wasn't marrying Arthur who she was betrothed to for years. Instead a stranger, Richard stands in his place and she's just supposed to go mildly to the slaughter/altar. Not this bride, she was cunning, creative and determined. As she spends time with Richard, she has to fight her beginning attraction to him but fight she does. Both Richard and Eleanor were their own worst enemy. At one point I thought, how in the world is Eleanor going to get herself out of this mess? Of course that's not to say that they don't have other enemies as well. They do, especially Richard who they think holds the key to the alchemy secrets. Whoever does holds the key to power, vast wealth and great favor with the King. 

Richard's brother, Owen shows up in the story and is a good secondary character, as is Alyce (Eleanor's sister) . Eleanor's unpleasant father shows up from time to time being his self-serving self. 
I have to admit although I liked both of the MC's it didn't stop me from wanting to clunk their pig-headed heads together more than once. And what about Aylce? What's her story going to be? 

By the way- Great cover picture. 

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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