Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Live From the Overflow of Father God’s Approval

Overflow Prophetic

Father God is pleased with you.

Overflow PropheticPerhaps, as you leave the past year behind, there have been some disappointments:
  • The growth you anticipated has not occurred
  • A breakthrough you believed for has not taken place
  • You find yourself still in transition
‘God is not mad at you!’ And He is not disappointed in you, either. The very opposite is true. He honours you. He delights in you. He is pleased with you.
You do not need the approval of people to be significant. You are already significant in God’s sight. This is the grace of God in Jesus Christ.

As a son, a daughter of God, you can live fromyour Father’s approval—you don’t have to live for it. This is the key to living a life of overflow. And this is the key to breaking open all that Father has for you in 2016 and beyond.

One Drop More is Overflow

When you know Father’s approval as a reality, you will live the lifestyle of one who is approved by God. You will walk in righteousness.

You will know what it means to be grateful and satisfied. You will be full to the brim. And when you begin full, one drop more is overflow.

When your starting place is that you are filled with Holy Spirit, His anointing for service is overflow. [1]

The Role Call of Those Approved by God

Your significance is not based upon what you have done. Your value does not come from what you will achieve today, tomorrow or in the future.What a paradox—having the revelation of Father’s approval before you have accomplished anything, launches you into powerful exploits!
1. A Nation is Set Free from Bondage
  • Moses and Aaron stand before Pharaoh—one a shepherd, the other a slave. Together they represent the most despised profession and the lowest class of people in Egypt. [Gen 46:34] And yet, having won the approval, favour and commissioning of Almighty God, they boldly step up to the throne of Egypt. Israel is about to be released from hundreds of years of slavery.
2. A Giant is Defeated
  • Fresh from the experience of God’s interventions amongst a flock of sheep, David pushes aside the mocking disapproval of his brothers and the reasoning doubts of King Saul. The approval of God is the only fuel that David needs to confront the giant Goliath and defeat him.
3. An Enemy’s Scheme is Stopped
  • Queen Esther stands before her husband the king, waiting for a sign of his favour. As the approval and favour of God manifests in Esther’s life, the enemy of a nation is about to meet his downfall.
4. A Leader is Born
  • Peter stands up on the Day of Pentecost, confronting a shocked, wondering and disapproving crowd. The fear that so recently tripped him up has fallen off him for good. From now on, filled with the Holy Spirit, Peter will stand in the office of leadership Jesus has appointed him to. (Acts 2)

‘The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship.’ (Rom 8:15)

Your Security is in God’s Approval

As the above examples show, God is not limited by your age, your gender, your culture, your history, your experience or your failures.

There are things up ahead for you, new things, higher things God is calling you into.

To confidently stride into God’s inheritance for your life, your ministry and your year, you need the security that comes from knowing Father God’s approval.
Look into the mirror and see the word ‘approved’ emblazoned across your forehead. Walk with your head held high. You have your Father’s seal of approval—stamped in the indelible ink of Jesus’ blood. As your life is intimately bound with Jesus, the honour due to Him has fallen upon you. Such is the grace of God.

The approval of God upon your life is going to open doors and defeat giants. It is going to release your destiny. It is going to give you the revelation of the abundance and overflow already at work in your life. And you will live from a wellspring of joy.

‘Year of Overflow’ is the prophetic word for our church, Planetshakers, for 2016 and I love it! For more insights about a prophetic word for 2016 and links to insights from our team at David McCracken Ministries on ‘Year of Abundance’, read my recent article on ‘Prophetic Word for 2016’ here.
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