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Friday, January 29, 2016


Werewolf shifter, Brock Holt refuses to put his paws all over his sexy accountant. She's off limits--no questions asked. But when a perilous situation forces him to turn in front of her, all bets are off. She knows his secrets, and now her life could be in danger. Claiming sultry and smart Elsie as his own, Brock swears it's only for her protection. 
Brock missed one small fact: Elsie is far from helpless--or innocent. A born and raised siren, Elsie spent her life fighting against her destiny, refusing to lure unsuspecting men into her clutches. But now that she has Brock, does she really want to let go?   AMAZON  4 Stars

This story was different, with several different stories/mysteries woven together throughout the book.   Even the supernatural creatures, added a "species" that I don't think I've read about before.   The "Myotis" were one nasty addition to the group, a terrifying species.  Adding to the terror factor was  that only a little bit was know about them by others.  But can you imagine anyone having a Dictionary of all the Supernatural crews?  Nice touch, author.  Elsie's mother was somewhat sly and manipulating, all in the name of protecting her daughters, according to her.   Elsie had wanted to escape her mother's dreams of having her linked up with a powerful immortal in order to have an extended life span.  Without it, Elsie would have a normal, human lifespan.  Normal, that is what Elsie craved.  It was also why she didn't date, even though her mom was doing everything she could think of to throw immortals in her path.  Elsie was a lot stronger than she ever thought and what was even better was that she was smarter too.  She showed her courage and smarts in situation after situation.  Some of the times she faced things head on and others she retreated and won.  Of course, that's not to say that when it came to her relationship with Brock, that she was always smart.   She seemed to have the attitude of, "if I keep running, then its not really real."  One of my favorite talks with Brock, she said,"you don't even like me and he responded, Don't say stupid things.  Good one Brock, you nailed it.   The push/pull between Elsie and Brock was good and he sure was trying to help her get used to her new life with him.  He gave her as much space as he could, all the while having been attracted to her for several years as she had worked in his business.  Not an easy task, especially since he was also working to try to not kill her independence but also protect her at the same time.  There is some violence in the story.  Of course there is, look at the group of people in it, but its not painfully graphic.  Over all, I found it to be a creative story with just a few semi-predictable elements.

I received a ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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