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Honey Pack Cure (p)

This magnificent and natural remedy is used in treating colds and it is also used in treating diseases of the respiratory tract.
Due to its high biological activity, and along with the coating, the honey can discard mucus, which is usually present severe coughing attacks.
These honey wraps are excellent for you, because they can eliminate bad coughs in only one night. The best thing about these honey wraps is that they are recommended for adults and children.

Honey wrap – recipe

Necessary ingredients:
  • honey
  • flour
  • vegetable oil
  • gauze
  • napkin
  • Band-Aid adhesive tape
First of all you need to mix the flour with a small amount of honey, so that you get a mixture that does not stick to your hands. This is the mixture that you will be using for the compress.
Now add some vegetable oil to this mixture, and then roll it in some flour once again. Now that the mixture is ready, you need to place it on a napkin, and then wrap the napkin in a cheesecloth.
Using plaster adhesive tape, you need to attach this wrap onto your chest or your back and then put on your pajamas.
Remember not to place the wrap all the way to the area of the heart. The content of these honey wraps should be slightly above your heart.
The best time to put this compress to your child is right before going to bed. You should leave it to stay like that for about 2-3 hours.
On the other hand, adults can keep their compress on for the whole night, and if you want a slightly enhanced effect, you can add a little bit of mustard powder.
At this point you might want to put some protection on the sheets, because you will be sweating a lot, and therefore your sheets might get wet.
These wraps can do wonders for your health, because they contain good anti-inflammatory activity and a slight warming effect. The results of these compresses will follow almost immediately. Even in the initial stage of the disease you will feel the positive benefits of these honey wraps. They can help you treat the disease without any complications.
You will feel a significant relief only after the first compress. In order for this treatment to work, you need to repeat it several days in a row.

When you can use these honey wraps:

These honey wraps are mainly used for treating coughs. As for the age limit, they can be used in children older than 6 months. However you should note that the child mustn’t have any skin diseases or any other skin injury.


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