Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Cali thought the handsome stranger who kissed her was nothing but a mistake. But it turns out he could be the biggest payday of her life. 
Cali has spent the last year of her life bending over backwards for the Devereaux brothers and she's had enough. But when she threatens to quit, she's given an offer she can't refuse: If she brings the third, estranged, Devereaux brother, Rourke, back to the family, she'll get a two million dollar reward. 
Rourke Devereaux vowed he'd never have anything to do with his family again, but it's hard to remember that vow when the sexy blonde he never thought he'd see again comes knocking on his doorstep. Even after he hauls her over his shoulder to carry her back to the car, she's not ready to give up. 
But as the two draw battle lines in his small, Maine coastal town, her old enemies pay them a visit. Now the one woman Rourke wanted to leave is under his protection and the longer he's with her, the more he realizes he doesn't want her going anywhere.   AMAZON  4 Stars

Cali.  Now there is one woman you don't want to mess with.  She didn't get the business nickname Ice Queen for nothing.   She is one determined woman.  She had to claw her way up and she's not backing down now.  Not for some good looking, rich, entitled guy, she just wants to collect her 2 Million dollars and then she's free to live her life the way she wants.  Everybody wins right?  We all know its not going to be that easy.  Rourke Devereaux is a gorgeous, stubborn man who where Cali is concerned is a smooth talker when he wants to be.  At first, he just wants her out of his hair, so he's not all that kind to her but Cali is not someone who he can just sweep out of the way.  And as the book information says, after a while he doesn't want to do that anymore.  In the middle of  all of this, is all the crazy trouble that only Cali's trouble making ex-boyfriend,  Easson can stir up.  And its quite a lot because he is dangerous and ruthless.  The search for him has also brought the inspection of the FBI and other powerful people into Cali's life.  Look, for a pretty big twist towards the end of the book. 

By the way, I thought the book cover was an attractive choice. 

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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