Monday, November 30, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- A Proposal of Marriage (Brazen Brides 4) by Cheryl Bolen **



The bespectacled, very bookish Miss Rebecca Peabody, who pens enlightening essays under the name P. Corpus, simply must marry. Since she abhors that disgusting “bedchamber business,” she decides Lord Aynsley is the perfect man to become her husband. At the advanced age of three and forty, he surely has gotten that repellant bedchamber business out of his system.

For reasons quite unknown to her, he accepts her bizarre marriage proposal, though he assures her a chaste marriage is NOT what he has in mind.

John Compton, the Earl of Aynsley, needs a wife to see to his brood of seven motherless children, a wastrel ward, and an uncle with a most peculiar habit. But he’s not interested in the way-too-young Miss Rebecca Peabody . . . until he discovers she is the brilliant P. Corpus who writes political essays with such passion, a passion he vows to unleash. Thus he embarks on the adventure of his life . . . that of tutoring his young wife in the ways of love.   AMAZON LINK

   5 STARS

What an amusing, charming, unorthodox story.  I enjoyed it a lot.  There is even humor right from the start.  Miss Peabody (Rebecca) is the one that sets that humor going when she meets with Lord Aynsley (John).  It's not the only time that humor will show up in the story and I enjoyed that. 

Unorthodox should have been Rebecca's middle name.  Unorthodox but  she's not cruel or malicious.  She is a very organized woman who is also loving and caring.  I liked that part of her story includes the fact that eyeglasses were a very necessary thing to her daily life.  She does fit in with her new household even if she's not sure about that at first.  The other members of her new family do add a lot of flavor to the story.  They also add some challenges as well.  It's good that Rebecca thrives on challenges because she has one in particular that the reader could see coming a mile away. Of course since Rebecca isn't a dim-wit she could too. 

John had so much more to him that what the outside world saw.   He's a man who yearns for love and a woman who is his intellectual and political free thinking equal.  That's quite a wish list but he begins to see that Rebecca just might fit that bill.

The story has a welcome H.E.A. for our main characters as well as another couple.  With a good Epilogue as well.

By the way I really liked the eBook cover.  It's what caught my eye and had me stopping to read the book information.  


 "I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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