Sunday, November 29, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Daddy Next Door: Inspirational Romance (Noah's Crossing Book 4) by Carol Voss *


A past set in stone…
From the time she was born, Alyssa Douglas was told who she was supposed to be, first by her father and mother, then by her ambitious husband. But in the blink of an eye, her husband passed away, leaving her on her own to raise their two sons… and to determine who she really wants to be.

An uncertain future…
Alyssa returns to Noah’s Crossing, Wisconsin, the only place on earth she ever felt comfortable in her own skin. But when a fire nearly destroys her cabin on Rainbow Lake, Alyssa finds herself relying on her kind and handsome neighbor, Ben Cooper—a single father with problems of his own—instead of standing on her own two feet.

A present filled with promise…
As wonderful as Ben is, Alyssa can’t let herself love him. Not until she builds a life to call her own. Can she learn to trust God so that she can embrace the blessings He has given her and begin to blend her life and family with Ben’s?  AMAZON LINK


This was a sweet, emotional story with good main characters.  That also includes both Alyssa's boys and Ben's adopted daughter.

There is a friendship that develops Alyssa and Ben first that leads to a romance.  It truly is a clean romance story but with life challenges that are easy to imagine.  And God is part of the story without overtaking the story which some people might not have enjoyed otherwise.

There is also a H.E.A. with a satisfying Epilogue.  

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