Monday, June 8, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- IRRESISTIBLE WEDDINGS (Irresistible Romance Book 4) BY several authors including Stephanie Queen

Presenting the Irresistible Weddings of the Season...

EIGHT BRAND-NEW, NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED STEAMY STORIES From Nine New York Times & USA Today Bestselling, Award-Winning Authors


TWO HEARTS’ ALLIANCE: Tamara Ferguson, USA Today bestselling author: Will an unidentified enemy succeed in tearing two wounded warrior’s marriage of convenience apart, before they’ve even had a chance to admit it’s not just an alliance, but love?

ETERNAL: Natalie Ann, USA Today bestselling author: Eternal love? Is that possible for two people who have sworn off romance and happy ever after?

WEDDING AT FIREHOUSE RANCH: Suzanne Jenkins, USA Today bestselling author: Curvy girl Emily Porter might be the one to help Paul Saint conquer his fear of commitment.

ALL MY LOVING: Cynthia Cooke, USA Today bestselling author: Always the bridesmaid, Naomi finally gets her shot at love. If she has the courage to take it.

MAKE ME BURN: Alicia Street, USA Today bestselling author: Jinx D'Alessio would not settle for run of the mill. She wanted a big, dramatic, passionate love with a man whose very look could knock her off her feet. Too bad the only man who could do that was the one she could never have.

PLAYING WITH THE BRIDESMAID: Stephanie Queen, USA Today bestselling author: Either she’s too young for him or he’s too old for her. But do they care?

BETWEEN BABIES AND GIRLFRIENDS: Mona Risk, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author: Dr. Brian Dutton can’t believe his own eyes when a sixteen-year old patient he saved from suicide abandons her twin babies in his clinic, asking him to find them a good home. His present girlfriend is pushing him to propose but doesn’t lift a finger to help him with the babies.

THE RIGHT GROOM: Jen Talty, USA Today bestselling author: She ran away from him once. He won't let her do it a second time.

WEDDING KNOT: Patrice Wilton, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author: If you can’t trust your FiancĂ©, find someone you can! This is a heartwarming friends to lovers story. Will true love find a way?




This is the story that I have read in this series so far-


The opening words of the first chapter surprised me.  This one was a whole lot of fun quite a bit of the time. Yes, there was some sadness because they both really did face challenges.  But Natalie was a hoot and I adored her!   I can't even tell you how many times I smiled as I read this book. Like Max said Natalie is a kick!

Max was such a gentleman which Natalie both liked and despaired of at times.  So many people kept saying he was too old for her but all she saw of him she liked .  Oh and did I mention that she saw him as hot too?  There were a lot of other younger men who would have liked a shot at her but she felt nada for them.  Max also mentioned that although she was too young for him when he looked in her eyes, she also seemed to have an old soul. There is a lot of push together, pull away going on between them.   Because no matter their challenges they had a powerful connection.   There is also a surprise twist when it comes to Max having another, totally unexpected secret.  

I'm giving this story 4 Stars on Amazon.  I'm letting you know that I was entrusted a copy of this book. The opinions expressed are solely my own. 

 AND not only did I like this one but also the sound of the other books (and authors) I went and bought my own personal copy of this whole book.

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