Sunday, June 14, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- BABY (Linear Tactical Series #9 ) by Janie Crouch *

Baby: A Linear Tactical Romantic Suspense Standalone by [Janie Crouch]

Baby. Don’t let the name fool you.

Being Linear Tactical's easiest-going younger brother has never been a problem for Baby Bollinger. He likes people. He likes laughing. He likes life.

But he has secrets buried deep under his charming smile that could change everything.

Quinn Harrison-Pritchard doesn’t have secrets. What she does have is a big mess of a life that's painfully public.

Jobless. Blacklisted. Broke. Alone. Exactly where nobody wants to be as they hit their 39th birthday.

Oak Creek is supposed to be a fresh start. A chance to lick her wounds and figure out a plan. One that doesn’t include Baby Bollinger. But the vigorous, mouth-watering mechanic—anything but a baby—is pursuing her with a single-minded focus.

And doesn’t seem to care that she’s twelve years his senior.

But danger has followed Quinn to Oak Creek—someone from her past who is convinced she’s wronged him. And that she needs to pay with her life.

Baby is the only one in a position to save her. But he’ll have to face the secrets he’s let define him for way too long. And resurrect the warrior buried inside.  AMAZON LINK
                          4  STARS

The book blurb got my attention and drew me in.  Well, so did the name of the author. And I wasn't disappointed.
I liked this book, it was full of surprises! Baby and Quinn couldn't seem to be more mismatched if they tried and yet....
Quinn was trying so hard to start over but she also still had remnants of her old lifestyle of rigid professor.  She was semi-famous for her hair in a bun, buttoned up appearance in her academic circles.   In fact she can hardly remember the last time she had fun.  Now Baby can definitely help her with that and he does.  He draws people to him like bees to honey.  But he's also sincere when it comes to dealing with people.  He's not a player.  He genuinely likes them and has gotten pretty good at reading people.   In fact he often knows what to say because he sees what other people often miss. But don't think that all there is to this young, handsome, discerning, charming, laughing man. Baby has a secret and I like how we find out what it is.
It was amazing that no one caught on to Quinn's "bad luck" being more than just that.  Although maybe I shouldn't focus too much on that for at least two reasons.  First- Quinn was keeping a lot of things to herself because of shame and not being believed before.  Second- the person messing with her was diabolically clever (and a tech genius).  
There are plenty of other people in the cast but without overwhelming the reader.  Plenty of action and mysteries going on too.  There is also humor in the story.  Let me point you to Baby's response to a cupcake.  It was a good one and leads to "Cupcake" being Quinn's new nickname.   Yeah, Baby and Cupcake, that did make me smile.  I really liked the romance between the two M.C.'s and the Epilogue was good too.    

 "I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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