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BOOK REVIEW- Storm Summit (Redemption Mountain Book #4) by Shirleen Davies *

Image may contain: horse and textStorm Summit, book fourteen in the Redemption Mountain historical western romance series, is a full-length novel with an HEA and no cliffhanger.

A hardened lawman fighting the betrayal of the woman he loved.
The female agent who couldn’t rid him from her heart.

Storm Summit, Book Fourteen, Redemption Mountain Historical Western Romance Series
Chandler Evans made the decision years ago to turn his back on a privileged life in New York to follow his older brother, Gabe, to the frontier. He didn’t regret the decision to become a Texas Ranger, only the choices which went with it. His first mistake had been to accept a government agent as a partner. The second was to fall in love with a woman incapable of returning his emotions.

Agent Elizabeth Cartman became a widow much too young. Guilt plagued her, especially when feelings for a young Texas Ranger grew too strong to ignore. Retreat had been her lone option, running from her feelings easier than facing them. She never expected to see him again, but fate had other ideas.

Handing in his badge and riding north, Chan followed a precarious path to Splendor. Settling in as a U.S. Marshal, he obeyed a summons to Big Pine, finding himself face-to-face with the one woman he hoped had disappeared from his life forever.

Refusing the new assignment would achieve nothing, especially when a routine investigation turned to a game of life and death.

The hunters become the hunted, while the identity of the threat continues to elude them. As their mutual attraction grows, rekindling what they’d lost years before, they find themselves facing direct attacks to them and those they care about.

Can two fiercely independent people find a way to accept their love while fighting those intent on driving them apart by any means necessary?   AMAZON LINK

This was a good story but with a huge cast of characters.  Both the good people and the villains kept me hopping. Even though I have read many of the books in this series, it was a while ago.  And I felt a bit like I needed to keep a cheat sheet to keep the people straight .  You know, like who went with who and how they were related.   I do have to say though that I enjoyed the closeness of the families but also the whole community that surrounded Chan. 
Just doing his job, Chan seems to have stirred up quite a bit of trouble and he has a multiple bunch of people who want him in the ground.  Oh, their reasons vary but their desire is the same.   Not only Chan's death drives them but also greed.  There is also a twisted idea of re-gaining past glory and it's the plan of one of the main groups.  I'm not going to say what that plan is because that would be a spoiler and I want the next reader to find out like I did. It was a surprise to say the least.  It's not the only surprise in the story.
I just have to  mention an interesting but often underestimated man in the story. Enoch Weaver was often underestimated by people who didn't know him.  Being known as the town drunk, he was mainly invisible to strangers.  But to people who did know him?  He was a fount of information and some skills. 
Wow, both Chan and Elizabeth have a TON of pride and they pay the price for it more than once.  It actually gets in the way of them communicating in any really helpful way when it comes to their relationship.  Both are really skilled in their jobs but it takes time for them to get it together between themselves.  In a way I could kind of understand why Elizabeth ran from Chan the last time. She was still grieving the death of her husband and being in love again felt too soon.  It also scared the daylights out of this otherwise fearless woman. 
There is a H.E.A. for Chan and Elizabeth.  One that they do their way.

  “I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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