Saturday, November 2, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- Marriage, Bravo Style! (Bravo Family #31) by Christine Rimmer *


You are cordially invited to the…shotgun…wedding of

Elena Cabrera Bravo


Rogan Murdoch

Date: As soon as labor is over.

Time: Just enough for the bride to fit into something other than a hospital gown.

Hosted by: The brothers of the bride. In fact, they insisted on it!

Reason for Union: The bride and groom love each other…even if they're both too stubborn to admit it!

RSVP to the Bravo Family.

Gifts (wedding and baby) optional…AMAZON LINK  3 STARS

The book information was kind of misleading because things didn't exactly happen as implied. 
This was an emotional story before we even got to the "romance" between Elena and Rogan.  
Elena and her family had some major issues right from when the truth about Elena's birth came out.  They are still dealing with the aftermath of that information.  Now add in Rogan and the fireworks about to get more intense. 
Rogan  had some unsettled issues of his own that cause MAJOR problems for Elena. 
Sorry folks, but he turned out to be a jerk for awhile. I really didn't like him after that.  But he comes face to face with some truths. I could understand the problems that had festered and why they were there.  I like that they do get their H.E.A.  

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