Saturday, September 21, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- Love thy Galactic Enemy (Repelling the Invasion Book 4) by Edward Hoornaert *

Abandoned to the enemy’s tender mercy

Minta, the reserved secretary for a spy team that spread a man-made plague, leaves the planet too late -- the team abandons her on the enemy’s space station. She’s forced to fend for herself until she can make contact with an elusive spy, Watcher, who has a starship. To avoid arrest, she nurses a plague victim -- a gentle, whimsical man who spouts Lewis Carroll. But to know this enemy is to love him . . .

When Finn Shanwing falls ill, he doesn’t intend to hide that he’s actually an high-ranking cyborg warrior. Neither does he intend to fall in love with the secretive nurse who saves his life . . . but by the time he reveals to Minta she saved an enemy commando, it’s too late for his heart. Or hers. Also too late to escape the wrath of Watcher -- half-human, half-machine, and both halves obsessed with her.  AMAZON LINK
       4 STARS

This is a quirky story with great world-building.  Minta is so way over her head, that it's kind of amazing that she's still alive.  You can almost feel the tension of her life. 
I can't leave out the fact that even along with the tensions there is also humor.  And some kind of bizarre poetry, added by being mainly spouted by Finn.  Well, after he got well enough to talk.  Finn is the one that Minta accidentally became his nurse. 
Both Minta and Finn were great main characters with plenty of secrets and depth.  Even poor misguided Watcher was an odd but interesting character. 
There is also a good cast of secondary people in the story.  That also includes some interesting tag-a-long animals that attach themselves to Minta.   Brainless and LouTwo are mizzets who one after another adopt Minta.  You'll have to read the book to figure out what mizzets are because they resided in the mind of the author until they hit the page.
I have to say that early on I thought this book was a bit odd and I wasn't sure that I was going to like it.  But I am glad that I went on because it really began to pull me in.   I think it was also the characters that pulled the most.
I liked the cover for the eBook, I thought it was attractive. 

 "I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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