Monday, September 23, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- Cams Hope (MacLarens of Boundary Mountain Historical Western Romance Book 10) by Shirleen Davies *

A fierce, protective rancher.
A woman on the run from her father’s shadowy past.
Cam’s Hope, Book Ten, MacLarens of Boundary Mountain Historical Western Romance Series
Camden MacLaren is a rancher to his core, working long hours to continue the success of the family’s ranch, Circle M. Although a cattleman, his expertise is in training horses, breeding and preparing them to fulfill Army contracts. Yet, he yearned for something more—the love of a woman strong enough for the hard life as a rancher’s wife.
Evangeline Rousseau made one adventurous decision in her life. After her parents’ deaths, she’d packed her belongings and moved across country to settle in the frontier town where her best friend lived. Buying her own house and settling in, she found herself wondering how a city girl such as herself could find a future in a town of ranchers, men who made a living with their hands.
The attraction between them was immediate, yet Cam hesitated to express his increasing desire for a woman with no knowledge of cattle, horses, or making a living from the land. No matter the intense pull between them, a beautiful, sheltered woman such as Vangie would find little happiness away from the advantages of a town.
Cam’s reasons to keep his distance fall away when threats are directed at Vangie. Men from her father’s past are hunting her down, following a trail from Grand Rapids to Conviction. The reason for their search is simple. Collect money Vangie’s father allegedly owed them, and they’ll use any means necessary to get it.
Cam’s Hope, book ten in the MacLarens of Boundary Mountain Historical Western Romance Series, is a stand-alone, full-length novel with an HEA and no cliffhanger.

This is a good family who work together so well.  They have been through some hard times and probably will go through more but they are there for each other 100%.  Some of the "boys" are finding good women to marry and have done that and started families.  It has made Cam yearn even more for what they have.
As attracted as Cam is to Vangie he's got some really big fears about courting her as well.  I kind of think that he was a bit shy to because more than once Vangie had to be a tiny bit bold in order to move things forward.   Even when a time or two he was about to say something after getting up his nerve they got interrupted.  There was some things going on in this town and the MacLaren ranch.  .  That made for plenty of interesting mysteries, action and dangers.  
The romance part wasn't real deep but it was charming.  
Vangie's childhood friend, Eustice was an unusual but good addition to the story.  
Get ready for some surprise twists, and a good Epilogue at the end.  

 “I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.” 

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