Wednesday, September 4, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- Her Highness and the Bodyguard by Christine Rimmer *


Marcus is the best man Rhia's ever known, and she's never gotten over their breakup. Now, he's practically strapped to her side. It's like a dream come true...or a nightmare. Because Marcus is as stubborn as ever: she's a Bravo-Calabretti, he's a lowly security guard, and they can never be equals. Ever.

Then a breathless night that should have brought closure brings something else: a baby. Marcus insists that no child of his will grow up without its own mother and father. Well, Rhia has her own requirement: her child will be raised on love, not the dry bread of obligation. And Marcus has made it abundantly clear that his duty to Montedoro comes before everything-especially his own desires.


This was a fast, emotional story with good main characters.  
Marcus had quite the lonely childhood with no family to help support him. The nuns at the orphanage were there for him though.  He even said that the Catholic orphanage was better than some.  The nuns were good to him being kind and nurturing.  He met H.S.H (Rhia's mother)  as a child and she left a strong, positive impression upon him.  He worked hard and advanced because he earned it.
What Marcus lacked when it came to a loving family, Rhia had it in spades.   They really did have each other's backs.  Rhia has such a good, extra special relationship with her sister,  Allie (Alice).  I realized as this book went on that I have already read Allie's story (How to Marry a Princess (The Bravo Royales Book 5)
Like I said Marcus and Rhia had a lot of emotions to work through.  And one of Rhia's biggest complaints is that Marcus holds SO many secrets so close to himself.   But you know those are all going to tumble out in the end, right?  They do and there is a surprise twist coming. 
There is a H.E.A. for Marcus and Rhia which was good to see. 

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