Wednesday, July 13, 2016


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I hear His whisper today..."I have a deep and tender love for you"
There is a Covenant of Love between us. Expect to see My love demonstrated for you today. I have never left you on your own, even when you did not perceive My love. I have never withheld from you one thing that is the best. My love is beyond logic and discovery by the mind. It is real, even as a blanket upon you on a cold night is real.
The love covenant we have together can never be broken. My love will not fail you or be diminished even when you disappoint yourself. The strength of My love is stronger than any bond and it burns brighter than a million suns. I am Your Fierce Protector. Who can harm you when you are locked into My heart. I love it when you trust Me and when you lean into My heart of love. I am overjoyed when you believe in My love and expect Me to work out every difficulty you face. Yourtrust strengthens the love covenant between us.
So delight in Me, even as I delight in you. Rest in this love, for it will never fail you. Expect this day to see My love demonstrated for you.
"I love each of you with the same love that the Father loves Me. Let My love nourish your hearts." John 15:9 The Passion Translation   LINK

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