Tuesday, July 19, 2016


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Day 14: I Am Rearranging Your Past Confusion!
“I have been rearranging your confusion, for you have not been able to see the joy in the midst of the chaos around you. This will be a time that I draw out the joy that is in you. I have placed you in that chaos that is around you to produce joy. If you will release the joy that I have developed within you, the chaos will subside and you will see the order around you.
“It’s not how eloquently or long you pray! The key is the ONE WORD of faith. As you speak that one word, your situation will change. Do not let the downdraft pull you down into the circumstances that are surrounding you. Remain buoyant with that one word. The one word is your breakthrough in this season. Declare breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough into everything that seems chaotic. Your buoyant faith is what causes you to arise in the midst of everything that is trying to pull you down. Don’t stop at one breakthrough, but go from breakthrough to breakthrough until you are beyond breakthrough. My Names that you have built within you in the past season will now come into fullness. This will cause angelic armies to align with you and push you through the atmosphere that is attempting to hold you. Every force must bow! It is not the mere words that you speak, but it is the one effective word that causes a ‘bulls-eye’ shot.”

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