Thursday, July 28, 2016


Dark Memories (The DARK Files Book 1) by [Vaughan, Susan]
Can they hold onto the heartbreak of the past when he’s protecting her from a killer 24/7? 
After museum curator Laura Rossiter witnesses a murder and the cop guarding her is killed, she runs for her life. She survives months by working odd jobs under an assumed name and landing in a Maine resort where she finally feels safe. Until bad-boy Cole Stratton rides his Harley back into her life… Now a government officer, Cole has a mission: protect Laura, the golden girl he’s never forgotten, and flush out the bad guy, who finances terrorists and who wants her dead. As the danger increases, so does the tension between the ex-lovers. Cole still believes she’s out of his league… and that she’s hiding secrets from him that she never intends to reveal. 
Together 24/7, Laura and Cole can’t deny the passion reigniting between them. But as dark memories of their past assail them and a killer closes in, they must find a way to trust each other—before their future is extinguished forever.   AMAZON  4.5 STARS

A really good story. I liked both of the main characters. Also the way the author described different things, was humorous and made it almost easier to see/understand.   Laura made a good choice when she chose "Murphy" as her fake last name.  She attracted danger like a magnet but she was also very smart and adept at escaping, time and again.  The past romance was a large part of the story because there were so many misunderstandings.  The attraction was still there although so were the resentments.  But there was plenty of action for their present day.  I was jumping all over the place, thinking I knew who the assassin was.  Wrong more than once.  I became more sure JUST before the true identity was revealed.  Good job author, I love that.  
There was plenty of mystery and action to keep my interest going in the story. 
This is a complete story with no cliffhangers and a HEA ending. 
There is also a quick peek into Book #2 in the Series and it sounds interesting too!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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