Friday, July 8, 2016


A boss-lady and a cop.  Can they unwind enough to find true love? 
Delphine Toussaint is in control — of her family's hotel, of her employees, and most importantly, of herself. When problems crop up at The Belle Alexandrine Hotel, she must rein them in — quickly — to prove herself worthy of her new position as General Manager. All her future plans are at risk if she destroys her family’s legacy as the top-rated hotelier in New Orleans. Detective Geo Shaw genuinely loves people — especially women — but when trouble crops up, he handles it alone. His forced suspension from the police department is driving him nuts, so he'll do just about anything to solve a case - including working for the sexy, but uptight, Delphine Toussaint.The two of them must join forces to keep the hotel on track, and win back Geo's job at the NOPD, all while a new attraction smolders between them.  AMAZON

I liked this story and the re-visit to theToussaint family.  It was nice to be able to read Geo's story since I first met him in Book 1.   He was a charmer then as well as a cop partnered with Philippe Toussaint.
He's LOVES women and isn't afraid to show it.  It causes Delphine to become tight lipped with disapproval just about every time she sees him.  Although she doesn't have time for men or him in particular because her total focus is on her job.    Suddenly as they spend more time trying to find a missing person from the hotel, they begin to see each other a bit differently.  Both of them were surprised by that and the intensity of their attraction.  Delphine was so NOT interested in just being another notch in his bedpost.  Geo feels the draw to Delphine, not sure where there were headed and not totally understanding it either. We were able to see more of the depths of Geo in this book.  The story also had a lot of drama to work through for both of the main characters and kept things interesting.

There is an excerpt of the book, "Evolving Hearts" at the end of this book.

There is also a quick mention of the next in the Toussaints series.. "Reclaimed by Love".
Alexis (Remy's daughter) and Remy are recovering from her kidnapping  and they meet a woman named Rachel a PTSD survivor strong enough to take on any challenge.  Sounds interesting!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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