Sunday, July 24, 2016


Her Colorado Man by [St. John, Cheryl]
When eighteen-year-old Mariah found herself pregnant and unmarried in her small Colorado town, she disappeared. One year later, she returned with a baby—though minus the "husband" who had conveniently ventured off to Alaska's gold fields to seek his fortune….
But now, with handsome adventurer Wes Burrows turning up and claiming to be the husband she had invented, Mariah's lies become flesh and blood—and her wildest dreams a reality! AMAZON   4.5 STARS

While the plot sounds like it's kind of out there,  unlikely even, I really liked it. The information blurb is what helped grab my attention.  The M.C.'s were so good, I kind of fell in love with both of them. Mariah's family was large and loving,  they added to the story without taking it over.   Wes was so tender and he put up with a lot of abuse for something that he hadn't done.  At first he also put up with a lot of flak from Mariah, but like he said he hadn't really thought the whole thing through.  His emotions were pulled by Mariah's son, John James and his need for a father.  The letters that showed up in his mail, tugged at his heart.  Wes, had never had anyone who NEEDED him before.
He also understood that Mariah wasn't sure what he really wanted.  What were his motives?  What did he really want?  All legitimate questions.  She was terrified her secrets would come out and she feared for her son.  She was terrified her secrets would come out and she feared for her son. She also feared even if his motives are good, that he will be a "father" to John James and then leave, breaking her son's heart.  The emotions of both Mariah and Wes were well done and easy to tap into.
Wes, was such a good man of character, even if it showing up as a "lie" might make a person wonder.
By the way, I did like that the family business was an interesting part of the story too.  Something a bit different.
There is a HEA, I liked how the story made its way there.  After a while, I just might want to read this story again.

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