Friday, July 29, 2016


Forgotten Bodyguard 1: (A Forbidden Fruit Novel) by [Parker, Ali]   
Chloe Moore has money, status and popularity, but she yearns for the missing piece - freedom. Her father is the governor of California and has decided to run for President of the United States. Due to some of his political positions, he's receiving death threats. With no choice, Chloe is given a shadow, a bodyguard that has been instructed to never leave her side as she attends school at UCLA. Her life before her father's decision to run was restrictive, now it's unbearable. 
Ian Matthenson has worked himself up from the shitty start he got in life. Coming from the wrong side of the tracks and spending more time in jail than not, he's finally cleaned up and proven himself to the right people. His older brother gets him a gig he can't refuse - protecting the college-aged daughter of a political icon, a man even he looks up to. He has no concern over his ability to keep the pretty little tease safe, but keeping his hands off of her is going to be the feat of his existence. 
Things heat up as Chloe pushes Ian to the edge, both physically and mentally. It's only when her life is in danger that he realizes that perhaps it's not just his paycheck that causes him to protect the girl's body so closely...  AMAZON  3 STARS  
This is book 1 of a series. A cliffhanger is inevitable.   
This book was just OK as far as I was concerned.  The story wasn't really all that engaging, and not anything that was all that special to me.  I hate to be harsh, but it just didn't grab me much.  I missed the blurb part about it it being Book 1 in a series.  Sorry, but I don't care enough to read anyone more.  For me, its one and done.  There could have been a bit deeper personality to the characters. And to be honest, I'm not even sure I liked Chloe all that much.  Sure there were times, I could feel sorry for her but other times....No.   And how did they fall in love so fast?  From mainly rubbing their bodies against each other as much as possible? With or without clothes.  Sorry, but I was disappointed in this book. AND PLEASE...the villain threat?   I could see that one coming MILES away.   
 That's not to say that I would never read anything else by this author.  But just not one more story in this series.  

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