Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Was hiding the identity of her child's father worth risking her life? Randi McCafferty seemed to believe so, and investigator Kurt Striker was hell-bent on changing her mind. Hired by her well-meaning but overbearing brothers to keep Randi and her son safe, Kurt knew the only way to eliminate the danger was to reveal Randi's darkest secret…any way he could.
But in uncovering her guarded past, Kurt was forced to confront his own well-hidden desires: he wanted the very woman he'd been entrusted to protect. Yet Kurt feared having Randi in his bed would leave them both vulnerable to a force neither had ever imagined….AMAZON 4 STARS

A good story with a headstrong young woman, who finds herself with an unwanted bodyguard.  A very good looking, rugged man with a bad boy, dangerous type of attitude to him.  Even though Randi fights him every step of the way, she is also drawn to this kind of man.  Over time she begins to see, he is different because although he was a dangerous edge, he also had good character too.  That was a first for her, her other man choices had been really bad.  She was a smart woman in other ways, but made poor choices in men, up to this point.
The author had me bouncing all over the place when it came to trying to figure out who the villian was.    I thought it could this one and then well I was thinking it was another.  It was only towards the last few chapters that I began to suspect a totally different person.   A lo and behold, the true baddie began to be exposed.  It was my final guess.  But what a great job the author did in stringing me along.  Bravo.

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