Thursday, July 21, 2016


Heir to the Throne: Her Royal Pain-in-the-Highness\A King Without a Country by [Michaels, Kasey, Davidson, Carolyn] 
A new queen is to be crowned. And a mysterious assassin is hell-bent on stopping it. But Captain Devon Montcalm will see Princess Kelly Carradigne ascend to her throne as queen, even if it means throwing himself in front of a bullet.

From critically acclaimed author Carolyn Davidson, a heart-stopping historical prequel.

A long-lost king has been discovered. And the false ruler will never let "Alex Carr" claim his birthright. But Alex has sharply honed skills from his dangerous past...and sweet Rebecca Hale to give him the strength to claim a destiny too long denied.  AMAZON

I liked both of the stories in this book. If asked which one was my favorite of the two, I would probably say the first one, "Her Royal Pain-in-the-Highness." The main characters in both stories were interesting and I enjoyed the "trials" that they went through. That may not have come out right. I enjoyed the uniqueness of their stories and how they overcame. Because of course there will be a HEA to each story. I did like how the second book linked with the first, an interesting way to do it.

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