Monday, July 18, 2016


A simple deal... Complicated emotions... 

I'm used to cleaning up after my boss, Hollywood superstar and all-around bad boy Ryder Pryce-Reed. Nothing can shock me now--not the countless "humped and dumped” women or the wreckage left in the wake of his wild ways--until he asks me to marry him... ...for a year. 
He says it's strictly so he can claim his beloved grandfather's painting, but I know there's more. There's always more with Ryder. 
My instincts say no, but he's offering to take care of the baby in my womb. Since my self-centered ex isn't going to play the father, I say yes, while steeling my heart. I can't afford to fall for a man who only wants me for a year. 
But how can I resist the sexiest man alive when he turns on his formidable charm to give everyone a good show? And how does a simple girl like me deal with the spotlight as his fiancée...or the scandal that explodes in our faces? 
NoteThis book contains a cliffhanger.  AMAZON

This story starts out with a bang!  What great characters.  Dysfunctional with a Capital "D" would definitely describe Ryder's family and most of his lifestyle.    Paige is thrust in the middle of Hollywood insanity because of her job.  She's about the only person close to being normal in this crazy setting.  Well, also her family is also and they show up a few times in the story.  I really like how the P.O.V.'s from both Ryder and Paige came across.  This is Hollywood so you can expect that parts of this story will be for adults to read.  There are times when sex is a part of the story too.  Remeber the phrase ""humped and dumped” women"?  A reporter came up with that phrase and it became a common occurance that the many women that were around him were identified with that term, H&D Women.   They had even formed a hate group on the Internet, that had to do with that very thing. 
There were also several people other than that who wanted him to crash and burn, including his own father.  Sure, there were also people who idolized him but it's the haters who were causing problems in his life right now.  Paige was good at her job and she took a lot of flack from other people because of it.  But she could also at times hold her own when she went nose to nose with Ryder.  I liked her a lot.  
There conversations at times were funny.  So don't get the idea that everything was heaviness and woe.  It isn't.  The place where the author left us hanging off the clifff?  It was a good one.  Now, I just HAVE to find out what happens next.  How are things going to get resolved?  I'm not a big fan of cliffhangers, but I knew it going in.  I just told myself, "That's ok, I can probably just walk away at the end of the book,"
 Oh, man after reading what I have so far, what a lie to myself that turned out to be!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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