Saturday, July 30, 2016


The Deputy's Redemption (Sweetwater Ranch Book 5) by [Fossen, Delores]
A Texas lawman risks his future to protect a woman from his past in USA TODAY bestselling author Delores Fossen's latest Sweetwater Ranch book. 
The woman fleeing a cold-blooded killer is no stranger to Deputy Colt McKinnon. Fourteen years ago, Elise Nichols was the love of his life. Now she's back in Sweetwater Springs—to be the star witness in an upcoming murder trial that could tear the Texas lawman's family apart.  
With her explosive revelations certain to rock the town, Elise didn't expect to be welcomed home with open arms. Certainly not by the cowboy with the badge who once meant everything to her. But after being run off the road and shot at, she has no choice but to trust him. Even more dangerous is the desire that's reigniting, making Elise yearn for something she may not live to see.  AMAZON 4STARS

I liked it, good main characters, suprises and plenty of tension. The opening to the first chapter was a dramaic way for the main characters to meet again. There were twists and turns galore.   It had me running all over the place trying to figure out who was trying to kill Elise. Even the one attorney who was defending Colt's mom was so aggressive (and annoying) I was hoping it was him.    All of the questions get answered except one main one.  That question, is  Colt's mom really guilty of murder?  And if its not her, then who did it?
There is a HEA ending for Elise and Colt, but there will be a lot of action and shooting going on until they can get there.  

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