Sunday, September 13, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Wild Card: a mafia romance (Advantage Play Book 1) by Kelsie Rae

Wild Card: a mafia romance (Advantage Play Book 1) by [Kelsie Rae]
 Rule #1: Keep your head down and your eyes up. It makes you invisible. But not stupid.

I should've known I'd get caught counting cards, especially in a mob-owned casino. But I'm desperate. And desperate times call for desperate measures. Now I find myself in the basement beneath the casino with a bruise the size of Texas on my cheek and the promise that the head of the family, Kingston Romano, will be visiting me soon.

I've heard the rumors.

This is just the beginning.

I'm screwed.

Then I meet Kingston face to face. Sensing my desperation, he approaches me with a proposition to pay for my transgression. And I have no choice but to accept it.

What I'm not ready for, however, are the consequences that follow, putting me in the crosshairs of a war between the Romanos and a rival family, the Allegrettis.

As the cards are played and lives are threatened, I'm left with no choice. I need to pick a side and decide if I'm all in, or if I'll be taken for all I'm worth.  AMAZON LINK
     5 STARS

I really liked this book and it kept me involved all the way through..until it didn't end yet.  I guess I didn't catch that it wasn't a standalone novel but the beginning of a series.  As it turns out it's a series that captivated me.  The story was so well written with an edge of the seat intensity.  So well written I just have to give it 5 Stars on Amazon. 
I like the depth of both of the main characters.  Ace was such a strong, interesting main character that had me pulling for her from the start.
Kingston was definitely a dark guy with some interesting sides to him as well.  Especially when it comes to Ace.  It took me a while to keep track of some of the many players but even then it left me wondering if everyone could be trusted.  Where there more turncoats in the group, especially in Kingston's group?  And who is Jack and how does he figure in this story exactly?  I have some ideas but still left wondering.
About 3/4's of the way through, I got a glimmer of who I suspected Ace's friend Gigi was.  And that truth does come out towards the end of the book. 
There is plenty of action in this book with the promise of more danger and action to come.

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