Sunday, September 13, 2020


 You’re going to be a daddy!
Wealthy entrepreneur Dylan Montgomery is the kind of man who can take anything on the chin and give as good as he gets in business and in life. But when he finds a note in his tux pocket that says he’s going to be a father, he’s stunned, remembering one impulsive night with the only woman who made him want to give up his bachelor status—his best friend, Whitney Emerson.

Fashion designer Whitney knew immediately she’d made a huge mistake sleeping with Dylan, the one man she will not allow herself to have. His friendship is too important to her to jeopardize. After she insists on putting that fateful night behind them, Whitney learns she is carrying his baby. But the timing couldn’t be worse—she can’t bring herself to tell him now that he’s obligated to an upcoming, prearranged marriage that will cement a business merger he’s dreamed about for years.

How long can she keep her secret from showing?   AMAZON LINK
                                 3.5 STARS

I liked both of the main characters and the long history of their friendship.  There was humor that added to the story.  And I also enjoyed the way they knew each other so well and challenged each other as well as brought comfort like coming home too.  
I did also like Whitney's uncle too. He brought a loving flavor all of his own.  I did wonder at the sacrifice he made when it came to a woman that he loved years ago.   Although I had some ideas on who that was and would have liked to have seen more in that area.  
Dylan's fiance seemed like a nice woman that no one wanted to hurt but her part in the story felt kind of thin.  Some of her "reasons" for agreeing to the marriage to Dylan also felt the same.  
Good ending to the story although some of the "angst" in the story felt like it went a little bit long.  
 "I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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