Thursday, September 10, 2020

BOOK REIVEW- Highlander’s Buried Identity (Highlanders of Clan Craig Book 1) by Shona Thompson*

Highlander’s Buried Identity: Scottish Medieval Highlander Romance (Highlanders of Clan Craig Book 1) by [Shona Thompson]

A man living in the shadows, an adventurous lass and a revelation from the past that will change their lives…

All Finlay ever wanted was to live a quiet and isolated life. Since he was a child there was a mystery about his true identity, but he was not willing to talk about it, not even to the woman who found him and raised him.

When a beautiful lass needs his help, he will find himself into trouble…

Sine refuses to live as her father wants. She may be the only child of the Laird of the Duncan Clan, but she is too rebellious to listen to his commands. When her life is in danger, one mysterious man with different colored eyes will become her protector.

No matter how reactive she is to the decision of having a guard, she will soon realize that her feelings for Finlay are much more complicated. But her father has different plans for her life and a rich suitor soon arrives to claim her…

When Finlay sees her future husband, he knows she must be protected at all costs. But that means he should reveal who he really is… Can he take that risk?

He always preferred his solitude, until he met her…  AMAZON LINK

                                      3 STAR

The story started out fairly strong with interesting main characters.  There was also some good world building.  Just over half way through though, I started to lose a bit of interest in the story. 

It was pretty easy to guess how who Finlay  was and how it figured in the story.   At one point there was a decision that the two main characters made that had me wanting to slap them both though.  

There does come a point towards the end where evil is confronted and overcome.  It also has a H.E.A. which I did like to see.  

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