Thursday, March 26, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Space Cowgirl- Houston, All Systems GO (Space Series Book 3) by Sara L Hudson

 NASA astronaut Julie Starr knows nothing is earned without blood, sweat, and frizzy hair.
Recently returned from orbit, Jules is on her way to becoming the youngest Flight Commander ever. So she isn't about to let a creepy stalker derail her goals.
Or a chivalrous, wealthy rancher either, for that matter.

Holt West doesn't mess with flirts. And that's exactly what Jules is.
He has enough on his plate, working the ranch he inherited from his grandfather while making sure his siblings follow their dreams. He doesn't need to be distracted from his responsibilities by the smart-mouthed, long-legged astronaut clad in leather pants and biker boots.

But when Holt's brother and Jules' best friend decide to get married, they're thrown together as best man and maid of honor. Jules takes the opportunity to hide out from her stalker at the West Ranch under the guise of planning the barnyard wedding of a lifetime. She might not know the difference between tulle and toile, but she’s an astronaut for god's sake. How hard could it be?

Between Jules vying for a record-breaking promotion while outmaneuvering a stalker and Holt fighting a losing battle with his heart, can the two of them get it together long enough to say yes to the ride of their lives?

Or is this mission a no-go?  AMAZON LINK
                    4.5 Stars 

This is the story in the series that I have been waiting for.  I love the outrageous character of Julie Starr (Jules).  She is just such a wildly inappropriate kind of woman.  She's a poster child for professionalism and correctness as an astronaut  but on earth?  Not so much. You will have to definitely gear up for a wild ride though. If you know ahead of time that there will be sex, rough language with a lot of "F' bombs but with a heroine with a heart of gold, you'll be okay.  But if it's not something you want to travel into, at least you know. You'll also be okay if you've only begun with this book, because it stands on it's own.  But I don't know why you would want to miss out on any of the prior books in the series.  Each one of the people in the books are interesting all on their own.  
 Back to the main characters..Jules.  About that heart of gold.  Yes, she has it but she has a really hard time expressing things with words.  So her actions for those she cares about, are what do her talking.  She takes care of people even though sometimes her actions can be misunderstood.  Understood as her being only bossy or manipulative, which she is not. Well, the bossy part might be a bit true but it's mainly for people's best interests.  But get on her bad side and you better get ready for a butt kicking.  She cracks me up when she calls Holt, "Boy Scout." 
Jules is so self sufficient I was constantly wondering how in the world Holt or anyone else would know she was in danger. 
 Now onto Holt, the tough cowboy rancher guy who is Mr. Responsibility.   Of course, you find out that at an early age he had to be.  He basically raised both his brother,  Flynn and his sister Rose.   Rose is almost as funny as Jules, another one of a kind gal. The fun part is that Holt is a man who blushes and Jules will truly be one of those people who triggers that a lot.  
They make for some interesting times.  As Holt gets to know her, I think he says it best when he observes that Jules is a mass of contradictions.  
I think the sex could have been dialed back a bit but hey we're talking about Jules.
The stalker element was a good one, I enjoyed the whole story and I liked how the it ended.  

 "I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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