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BOOK REVIEW- Irish Eyes and Mafia Lies by J. Haney & S.I. Hayes *

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After witnessing the brutal beating of her father at Irish Mob boss Antaine Sorley’s hand, Onóra Russo is on the run. Together with her little brother Finn she has fled the safety of her Chicago home for places unknown.
Her instincts say keep running, but loyalty says to do as Daddy instructed. Make the call to the one man who can help her. What happens when the one who answers isn’t who she expects?
Can Onóra trust this Irishman who claims neutrality? With the Irish and Italian’s looking for them does she have a choice?
Rónán knew, knew before he traced the call it was going to be trouble. Then he heard her Siren’s call and couldn’t refuse. It may put his life on the line, but he’ll help her, whatever the cost. Even if that cost is his heart.   AMAZON LINK
                                                   3.5 STARS

Okay, I knew this one would be different and it is.  The only problem is that it left me with mixed feelings about it.  Because some parts made me roll my eyes (especially her immaturity at times) and some parts I did like. So I'm left with mixed feelings, like I said.

Onóra is an interesting character who has been raised in such an unusual manner that she almost didn't really have a real childhood.  Something that she will do everything she can to ensure that her little brother Finn does have. She has been Finn's protector practically from his birth and has also been the one who has raised him.   She knows what's one the line for them and doesn't want anything to do with either the Italian or Irish power families.  It's kind of hard to escape though because both
Onóra and Finn are considered royalty on both sides.
Rónán is a good guy although he's more comfortable with people NOT really knowing that fact.  He really goes way out of his way for the two runaways.  I know Onóra is young and  terrified, and not sure who to trust .  But boy, she sure treats him like crap a lot of times.  He proved himself so many times and then she would let her wild temper short circuit her common sense.  It made me want to shake her a time or two.
At times I thought maybe this story was for a younger crowd than me.   But then, this story will have adult language, some swearing and also some sex scene.  So it would probably be better for the 18+ group.
Things do start to heat up story-wise when the main characters have all their ducks in a row and get ready for the confrontations that need to happen.  It's time to draw a line in the sand.  It brings everything together with some surprising results. 
A solid Epilogue puts the finishing touches on the story.

 "I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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