Sunday, March 8, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- A Royal Vow of Convenience by Sharon Kendrick *


 The whirr of helicopter blades announcing the return of her new boss sends Sophie scurrying back to the kitchen. Little does she know that fleeing from royal scrutiny will place her under the devastatingly searing gaze of notorious billionaire Rafe Carter.

Having resisted his cook for days, a secret midnight swim sends Rafe's senses into overdrive and he can't resist a taste of the forbidden. But the press descend when Sophie's identity is shockingly revealed, and Rafe is duty-bound to rescue the beautiful princess…with a convenient vow.



This was a quick, story with plenty of emotions with some of the expected challenges that the book information suggests. 
Rafe' although highly successful was often almost unlikable at times . But when you get more information about his family, it's easy to see why.  Sometimes his arrogance is incredibly off the charts!  I  felt at times he was a jerk and treated her like a whore. I didn't enjoy that part at all. 

Sophie craves some peace and quiet and maybe independence to  have a more normal lifestyle.  She's on the ranch not only to lick her wounds but to be free from the rigid gilded cage of being a princess.  With all of it's rules, regulations and meaningless duties.  She wants to find more of her worth other than just a title. 
 Rafe' and Sophie clash as expected but they also are attracted to each other.  Being pulled towards each other but it's just no strings sex you know?  uh-huh.  I couldn't believe some of the things that she put up with from him.  Even when it came to trying to control her responses during sex.  Really?
 The story does have a good ending with a satisfying Epilogue.  Probably more than Rafe' deserved from his previous actions BUT he does
get his ways shaken up.  So in the end they do work things out. 

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